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Colourful bowls of chargrilled vegetables with the white Freshcut Foods logo overlay

About Us

Making 'veg' the hero


Bringing excitement and inspiration to the menu since 2002.


Immersed in the latest food trends, we transform vegetables into irresistible, exciting, and inspired ingredients. Through innovation and outstanding service, we help world-leading brands make veg the hero.  

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Our Mantra

Innovation, quality, empowerment, and sustainability. We are committed to pushing boundaries, achieving high standards, and empowering our team, all while delivering results quickly, respecting diversity, and actively reducing our environmental impact. 

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Sourcing & Ingredients

We prioritise sourcing local ingredients from UK farmers to minimise air miles and provide the freshest products. While we also have strategic partnerships with growers in Europe, focusing on long-term relationships that ensure stability and excellent customer service. 

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Our Team

From our innovation chefs and new product development team to our operations experts, it’s our incredible people who have shaped us into innovative tastemakers. Their hard work and genuine passion for food allow us to create high-quality, bespoke food that transform our customers’ menus. 


We pride ourselves on partnering with businesses that share our passion for great food. Quality, innovation, and consistency are at the heart of all our strategic partnerships, whether in food service, chilled food manufacturing, or recipe boxes.


Our shared goal: putting vegetables where they the heart of the menu. 

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Chef pouring olive oil over chargrilled vegetables

drives us?

Our six core values drive everything we do: innovation, quality, empowerment, speed, respect, and sustainability. We aim to exceed customer expectations while maintaining strict food safety standards. Empowering our employees, fostering a proactive work culture, respecting diversity, and taking environmental responsibility is what makes us, us. 

Our food

Sourcing Photo by Heather Gill on Unsplash

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